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The quality and reliability of Meggitt SA’s products has been widely recognized since our entry into the aviation sector in the 70’s. This is when our Quality System was put in place. Our latest BS EN ISO9001:2000 certification was awarded in April 2007.

Meggitt SA has a long standing reputation for quality and reliability, resulting in the low cost of ownership of its products. This is due to our commitment to quality in every phase of its operations. This commitment is expressed by a wide-ranging and continuous quality improvement programme, based upon leadership, teamwork and open communication. The company operates to lean manufacturing principles and practices, while quality assurance and control processes help to eliminate non-conformity and wastage.

The progress being made in Business improvement is increasing reliability, productivity and competitive advantage.

Meggitt SA is committed to achieving a business model that ensures its employees, customers and shareholders obtain long term value.


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